More than just "smell goods"

I started the Anasa Life brand to initially help with me and my children's eczema. 22 products later, I am so very glad I did. Sourcing product bases from reputtable and ward winning companies were a must for me, because as I have mentioned, I use these!!

Creating a natural product to rememdy my fsymptoms of eczema was important, Natural products are made with ingredients that are derived from nature, such as plants, herbs, and minerals. They contain no harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances, making them a safer and healthier choice for your skin and body. So as a nurse, safety was first but th eproducts also had to DO what I intended them TO DO. Each product ingredient has its own benefit, but overall here are some benefits of using natural products:

  1. Nourishing your skin with essential vitamins and nutrients
  2. Promoting a healthy, radiant complexion
  3. Reducing the risk of allergic reactions and irritation
  4. Supporting a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle
  5. Avoiding harsh chemicals that can be harmful to your health and the environment

I love to "SMELL GOOD" just like most people, but I also want the product to be GOOD to me and the environment as well.


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