Face Forward Deluxe Bundle

Citrus Kiss Facial Cleanser,  Citrus Kiss Facial Toner, Citrus Kiss Facial Moisturizer, Citrus Kiss Facial Scrub, Lip Balm, Spa Sponges

Face Forward Deluxe Bundle

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Our Face Forward Deluxe Bundle includes all the products and tools to help your skin achieve and sustain a naturally soft and smooth glow.

Kit includes

Citrus Kiss Facial Cleanser-gently cleanses and promotes cell turnover

Citrus Kiss Facial Toner-Seals, nourishes and protects

Citrus Kiss Facial Moisturizer-Hydrates and promotes collagen production

Citrus Kiss Facial Scrub- gently exfoliates and resurfaces skin

Lip Balm- seals, hydrates and protects lips

Spa Sponges- Assist product applications in lifting skin and sealing

Product contains ingredients that are fair trade certified, certified by ECOCERT and are suitable for vegans.

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