The SPA of it all

Fashion SPA House.

"Where is the SPA part?"

Well, let me explain. In 2011 we opened Serenity Wellness Studio, A full service spa and wellness studio. Me being a medical aethetician and hubby being a medical massage therapist, we were elated to be able to open a center that focused on total self care.

The most exciting part of this business was creating specialty treatments that would not only HELP people with aches and pains, rashes and other skin ailments...but the AROMAS that gathered in the place..... I can almost smell the Rosemary and Chamomile as I type this. We thoroughly enjoyed the entire process. We were named Top Three Spas in Baltimore a few years, Best Massage In Baltimore a few years (pic below) and a few other accolades related to the spa services.

But in June 2020, we decided to close our spa doors in the midst of the Covid 19 outbreak. This was a difficult decision. Not only would we miss being a part of yearly celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries, but we would also miss creating these amazing tinctures and hydrotherapies and muds and oils...ugh.

So, I got clever. 

How about, I jar up and box up the treatments, with instructions, and ship them? Genius right? Well of course I THOUGHT I did a test run. And they sold out IN A DAY.....SO noooooooow that my genius is confirmed, I am going to create a calender of monthly SPA AT HOME treatments!! deserve "spa time" whether you are in the middle or a pandemic or not. #staytuned


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