About Us

Our founder Cynthia Rumph has been a nurse since 1993. She suffered with eczema as a child and remembers how isolated she felt in social gatherings. Active eczema discomforts accompanied by old eczema scars was the driving force behind starting her first business.

Fashion Spa House is a culmination of several businesses to create one specialty retail experience. Our founder started her skincare brand Anasa Life in 2006 to combat the symptoms of eczema and provide safe medicinal alternatives for other skin ailments. The brand has expanded to include plant-based products for hair, face and body that is safe for the whole family.

In 2011 the "SPA" aspect of the business was opened, and treatments were all formulated at the time of service to treat everyone independently.

In 2012 the t shirt brand and fashion accessories line were created. The t shirt line is a self-loving and self-affirming brand whose messages combined with a high-quality unisex t shirt, makes for a great fashion inclusion. The accessories line is a mixed media masterpiece for the artsy jewelry enthusiast. Variety ranges from simple duplicatable designs to artistic one of one wearable art.

In June of 2016, all these businesses were melded together to offer one amazing retail experience known as Fashion Spa House. Although the physical “SPA" component ended 6/1/2020, the founders continue to offer at home spa treatments shipped directly to clients to enjoy at home. These rituals help our future and current clients sustain wellness and self-care practices at home.